Post-Covid Treatment

At Home COVID Testing by Dr. Schechter

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If you have COVID-19 or need post-COVID-19 treatment because of complications, turn to COVID Testing by Dr. Schechter in Richmond Hill, Queens. At their New York City office, David Schechter, MD, FACC, PC, and his expert team offer a variety of treatments to reduce symptoms and help you recover quickly. Call the office to schedule an appointment or book one online today.

Post-Covid Treatment Q&A

What is post-COVID-19 treatment?

Post-COVID-19 treatment at COVID Testing by Dr. Schechter includes treatments that reduce symptoms or help you recover after developing COVID-19-related symptoms or complications. The highly trained team can come to your New York or New Jersey residence at no charge to offer post-COVID-19 treatment, so you can remain in the comfort of your home.

What are the different post-COVID-19 tests and treatments?

Post-COVID diagnostic testing and treatments available at COVID Testing by Dr. Schechter include:

Physical examination

Dr. Schechter and his team complete a physical examination to determine which COVID-19 treatments are a good match for you or your loved ones. They can complete a physical exam in-office or travel to your home.

At-home imaging

Chest X-rays, ultrasounds, and other at-home imaging procedures can help your provider determine if you have any COVID-19-related complications. 

At-home lab work

At-home lab work includes urine tests, blood tests, nasal swabs, or other lab tests you can complete without leaving the comfort of your home.

Home remedies

Home remedies for COVID-19 include getting plenty of rest, drinking a lot of fluids, eating healthy foods, and taking dietary supplements if your specialist recommends it.


Taking over-the-counter or prescription medications can reduce unpleasant symptoms associated with COVID-19 and help you recover as quickly as possible.

Convalescent plasma

Convalescent plasma is an immune-based therapy in which your provider infuses plasma donated by someone who has recovered from COVID-19. This treatment gives you additional antibodies to enhance your immune system and help you recover quickly. 


Your COVID Testing by Dr. Schechter specialist can prescribe you an inhaler to help you breathe more easily during post-COVID-19 treatment at home.

Oxygen therapy

At-home oxygen therapy can help you breathe more efficiently while recovering from COVID-19.

Which post-COVID-19 treatment is right for me?

Your COVID Testing by Dr. Schechter provider personalizes each post-COVID-19 treatment based on the severity of your condition, symptoms, lifestyle, and preferences. They can refer you for hospital care if your condition worsens or becomes life-threatening.

If you struggle with COVID-19 symptoms or complications, schedule an appointment with COVID Testing by Dr. Schechter or book one online today.